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Saint Gregory the Great Catholic School

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Strategic Growth Plan

Dear St. Gregory the Great Community,

I pray that you are doing well.  I am pleased to share our school’s 2017-2022 Strategic Growth Plan which is attached to this email.  The growth plan is meant to be a living and working document so the items listed will be updated according to the needs of the school and items that are accomplished. It is not meant to be a comprehensive document addressing every need of our campus so there may be some aspects of our school which can benefit from growth but are not within the prevue of the school council therefore they are not included in the growth plan. One aspect that I am particularly pleased to share with you is regarding Objective 5 which is, “To create and maintain a campus that is safe and inviting.” With the blessing of Father Rudy Carrola, our pastor, the school administration, and our school council, we have set forth a goal to install a 6-foot rod iron fence around the entire perimeter of our campus.One of our families, Mr. and Mrs. Cruz (http://www.stgregorysa.org/vnews/display.v/ART/59f8a1a44bfd3) own their own engineering company and are in the process of surveying our property and generating a rendering of our campus with the new fence so that we may share it with you. Please be advised that the quotes on the project average around $100,000. In this day and age, it is a small price to pay for added safety and security of our children. I encourage you to review the plan to learn more about ways in which we might implement in order to fund this project. If you are willing to donate toward this worthy cause or if you know of anyone willing to support this project, please contact the school! We need all of the support/donors we can get. On a related note, the archdiocese is in the process of engaging parishes in a large campaign. Our StG parish is responsible for raising over $600,000. The amazing news is that the parish receives $0.35 cents on every dollar raised and Father Rudy and the parish finance council have voted to award those funds (100%) to the school for the security projects (fence) as well as replacing old air-condition units.  Thank you, Father Rudy and parish council!

In a 2013 Twitter message, Pope Francis stated, “Dear young people, use your talents, the gifts God has given you! Dream of great things!”  In his quote, Pope Francis challenges young people to dream of great things. The leaders of St. Gregory the Great Catholic School are dreaming great things for our students and community. This growth plan presents an excellence and forward thinking vision for StG. One that builds on the tradition of excellence that has been in place for over 62 years.

The strategic growth plan committee has made a full and honest assessment of our school, and based on the results of that assessment we have composed this plan. This important document will shape the course of our school in the coming years. StG continues to be blessed by the many members of our community who give so generously of themselves. I hope each of you will take some time to read this plan and identify areas where you are called to participate. While it is the primary responsibility of the school council and administration to implement this plan, as a school community we all share an obligation to give of ourselves to help our school grow, and ultimately to create the best learning environment for our children. We ask for God’s blessings as we embrace these challenges to move forward in spiritual, personal and academic growth through prayer and Christ-like service.

Below is a listing of school council members, their role, their email address, and the objectives which they are assigned to oversee. If you have any questions or feedback regarding one or more of the objectives, please contact the council member(s) assigned to it. We welcome support and feedback.

Thank you for your time. Have a blessed rest of the week!

Pax Christi,

Daniel P. Martinez


St. Gregory the Great Catholic School


  Council Members Email Address Objectives
1 Dr. Bill Ramos, President william.ramos@utsa.edu 1, 2, 7
2 Michael LaVanway,  Vice President michael.lavanway@usaa.com 1, 4, 5
3 Cheri Trevino Cheri.M.Trevino@wellsfargo.com 1, 4, 6 
4 Jaime Elias,  Financial Officer jelias@farmersagent.com 1, 4, 5
5 Michael Moreno nov291997@sbcglobal.net 1, 4, 5
6 Monica Saenz-Vigil monsaenz@hotmail.com 1, 3, 5
7 Janell Cline ajanellcline@gmail.com 1, 2, 8
8 Veronica Rodriguez veronicagavia@yahoo.com 1, 3, 6
9 Gina Fajardo gfajardo@lnglandscapeinc.com  1, 3, 8
10 Henry  Delgado
 Veronica Delgado
1, 2, 6
Strategic Plan pdf