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Saint Gregory the Great Catholic School



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5th Grade

March 20, 2020


Dear Homeroom Parents and Guardians,


Please know that your children and family are in our prayers during this time. While the students are missed here at STG, their health above all remains our priority. Our Intermediate Unit has met and created a plan to ensure your child’s continued academic growth.


We are excited to begin this process of distant learning with all of our students.  To celebrate this first day of Quarter 4 Distant Learning, we would love for students to share their “First Day of School - March 23, 2020” photos with us.  Regarding the lessons, this letter is our overall plan to help you begin. Much like the first day is all about process and expectations, this letter below gives that information.  The curriculum we have planned for our Distance Learning is listed below along with the methods and resources we will use for 4-5th Grade at STG.


  • Attendance will be taken by Google Classroom. Each teacher will have a designated “Homeroom” classroom dedicated for spelling grades and taking attendance daily.

  • We will be using resources/software such as: Google Classroom, Zoom, TypingClub.com, Mystery Science, Quizziz, Scholastic, PBS, Quizlet, SpellingCity, Youtube, Reflex Math in addition to their home set of textbooks, additional sources will be added as needed.

  • Students will be graded online using Google Classroom and the teachers will import their grades into Renweb.

  • Teachers will be available for the following office hours: 

    • Ms. Floyd and Mrs. S. Martinez (10AM-2PM)

    • Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Perez will be available (9-11AM & 12-2PM)

  • Teachers will use either the faculty phone, Zoom, or Google Voice to converse with parents. Students will not be allowed to call, text or direct message teachers personal phones or email accounts in order to honor our professional code of ethics. Students are however, permitted to send messages via google classroom or school email.

  • Students will still be held accountable for online interaction, as if they were on campus. Any activity students participate in using online school software or accounts will be subject to all rules outlined in our Student Handbook.

  • Late work policy will still apply. It is advised that students follow assignment deadlines, as written in Google Classroom.

  • Students will be enrolled into the following Google Classroom classes: “Intermediate Unit”, Science, Religion, English, Math, SFA, Social Studies, and “Homeroom”. Rotation teachers will post a 20 min activity in our student’s  Google Class titled “Homeroom”. Spelling will also be uploaded to your child’s “Homeroom” class.

  • Teachers will provide an “Intermediate Unit” Google Classroom that will include helpful tutorials of how to use software and a reminder of expectations of online behavior. 


We understand the next few days will be a new learning process as students adapt to the online environment. Our focus next week will be to help the students transition to Distance Learning. Directly following this letter, there are a few documents you will receive. We know that you must be curious about what specifically each of us will be teaching--but for now we will provide a general 2-week overview. 


On Monday, you will receive that week’s lessons in detail, which are also available to the students daily on Google Classroom. 


Please let your children know that we miss them and that we look forward to embarking on this online adventure alongside them. 


Sincerely sending our love and prayers,


Mrs. Allen, Ms. Floyd, Mrs. S. Martinez and Ms. Perez






700 Dewhurst, San Antonio, TX 78213 | www.stgregorysa.org